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Massachusetts CE:Fair Housing in Massachusetts

Fair Housing in Massachusetts

2.0 Total hours
0.0 Elective hours
2.0 Module hours

Real estate professionals have a responsibility to know and understand the applicable fair housing and civil rights laws governing their workplace as well as their personal conduct. The public expects and deserves competent actions based upon thorough knowledge. However, federal definitions of “protected classes” expand and change.  As licensees learn about and review protected classes and fair housing laws throughout this course, they will become better equipped to act with honesty, competence, and intelligence in serving their clients and customers. In this course, we discuss the protections provided by the Fair Housing Act and Massachusetts fair housing law, and how licensees can best protect clients and their firms from discrimination.

Course Highlights

  • An analysis of the benefits of fair housing principles in real estate.
  • A discussion of how attitudes and laws have changed to support a fair housing mindset
  • A description of regulatory changes relating to fair housing
  • A discussion of fair housing law in Massachusetts, including protected classes in the commonwealth that expand the classes covered by federal fair housing law
  • A primer on how to write nondiscriminatory advertising
  • An analysis of what to do when faced with “red flags” that may indicate a violation of fair housing law